Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park Reserve

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The marine park is on the south coast, 40 kilometres from Ukunda in Msambweni District in the coast province.

It’s one of the best marine areas to see dolphins.

The coral gardens are excellent for snorkeling, diving and bird watching.

The marine area has four small islands surrounded by a coral reef.

Kisite island is an important nesting site for Crab plovers and Roseate terns on their annual migration from Europe.

Mpunguti Island has a dense coastal equatorial forest.


The park can only be reached by tour company boats and local community dhows. Kisite Marine Park, HQ is on the mainland in Shimoni, 200 metres from the main Shimoni Pier


85 kilometres from Mombasa via Ukunda to Shimoni
Msambweni District, Coast Province. The Marine Park lies six kilometres off the Kenyan Coast (at Shimoni) and eight kilometres north of the Tanzanian border


The Coast is humid with mean annual temperatures ranging from 22-34 C. Rainfall is about 500mm pa.

Major Attractions:

  • Pristine coral gardens
  • Kisite and Mpunguti Islands
  • Sand bars during low tide
  • Beautiful sandy beach
  • Dolphins
  • Endemic coconut crab found on lower Mpunguti Island
  • Shimoni historical slave cave
  • Wasini Mangrove boardwalk

Marine Life:

  • More than 250-recorded fish species
  • Dolphins,
  • Sea turtles,
  • Whales,
  • Corals,
  • Sea grasses and
  • Gastropods


  • Large nesting colonies and internationally significant numbers of Crab-plover and Roseate tern on annual migration from Europe to Kisite island

In - Park Accommodation:

  • Visitors can stay in Shimoni or Diani town, which offers a range of accommodation from luxury to budget.
  • KWS Self – Catering Accommodation
  • The Shimoni Bandas
  • Camping site
  • Colobus Campsite
  • Mpunguti Special Campsite honeymooners
  • Community accommodation
  • The Shimoni gardens


  • Bird Watching
  • Snorkeling
  • Deep-sea diving, scuba
  • Dolphin Watching